Mission Statement

The Aaron Michael Cangey Memorial Foundation (AMC) has been established to honor Aaron’s memory and to continue the work that he cared so deeply about. This will be accomplished by providing assistance, guidance, and hope to select participants and graduates of Lawrence County Treatment Court and others in need so that they may gain the tools and empowerment to better their own lives.

Current Programs

  • Work-Wear Closet – A  donation-based closet to help those in the community who are interviewing for a job – dress for success! We also work with local organizations and government agencies to provide their clients with clothing during the interview process and additional work appropriate outfits.

What is Lawrence County Treatment Court?

The Lawrence County Treatment Court offers substance abuse treatment and/or mental health treatment as an alternative to incarceration for drug-addicted individuals and/or individuals suffering from mental health issues who are arrested in Lawrence County and charged with qualifying criminal offenses.

The Court emerged out of the realization that a substantial number of these individuals engaged in criminal behavior as a result of their need to support a drug addiction and/or suffer from mental health issues rather than from deep-seated criminality. By offering monitored treatment, the Court aims to decrease the prevalence of drug addiction and drug-related crime as well as criminality resulting from mental health issues in Lawrence County by breaking the damaging and costly cycle of criminality and incarceration due to issues beyond the immediate control of certain individuals.

The Foundation’s assistance will help treatment court individuals get back on their feet. Going through treatment is like going through a full-time job. Some graduate, struggle to make ends meet and find themselves succumbing to their past demons. Some examples of assistance may include but not limited to; paying for an interview outfit, rent in a safe environment, stove, washer/dryer, fee for certificate exam, or college credits. Our goal is to help graduates gain their independence while staying on a positive path.

Foundation Incorporators
Ginny Jacob, Director
Jeanne Walker, Secretary
Andrew Cangey, Treasurer
Frank Cangey
Adam Cangey
Anthony Scarnati